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Social Anthropology * Comparative Religion * Journalism

Biography: Dr. phil. Christiane Pantke, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Christiane Pantke is a Social Anthropologist, who lives in Berlin. She studied Social Anthropology, Comparative Religion and Anthropology of the Americas (Altamerikanistik) at the Freie Universität (Free University), Berlin/Germany, where she took her master’s degree (1992) in Anthropology and her doctorate (1997) in Comparative Religion.

A social anthropologist with a particular interest in the study of religions working at the Institute of Anthropology of the Free University (FU) of Berlin, Christiane Pantke wrote her thesis (1997) on the impact of tourism on the rituals of the Candomblé religion in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. Subsequently she became a research fellow at the German Research Council (DFG) heading the project on “Bahian Society and the Conflicting Claims of Candomblés and Pentecostal Churches: Religious Communities and Surrogate Families in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil”. Her current research explores aspects of gender, religion and migration in an investigation of the role played by Afro-Brazilian religions in the lives of Brazilian migrant women in Berlin. She is teaching at the Institute for Latin America Studies of the FU, Berlin and doing fieldwork in Bahia, Brazil since 1992. Documentaries: Candomblé; Carnival. Journalist activities.

Key Research Interests:
  • Candomblé, Afro-Brazilian and Afro-American religions and culture
  • Afro-Brazilian Rituals, Dance, Music, Carnival, Art
  • Tourism and Ethno tourism in Brazil
  • Gender studies
  • Transnational networks
  • Religion and migration
  • Diaspora studies
  • Urban anthropology cosmopolitanism

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